52 Project – Week 14 – Landscape – Zoomed In

Week 14 is “Landscape: Zoomed In”

Took my camera and the longest zoom lens I have and went for a walk in the snow looking for a good subject for a zoomed in landscape. I thought this one would be easy but it actually proved more challenging than I expected since how do you do a zoomed in landscape and highlight the fact that it’s zoomed in? Eventually I decided to revisit a spot I went to for week 2’s traditional landscape  and redo it but this time zoom in and use the trees to frame Signal Hill. It worked out well, obviously a landscape and the trees framing it show I’m zoomed in. Since I’ve visited this spot in Autumn and now Winter maybe I should revisit it again in Spring and Summer to complete the set, a challenge within a challenge.

Finally, yes, this is week 14. What happened to week 13? Well I had to skip week 13 since I know exactly what I want to do for that shot but I need some new flash gear that is on it’s way, somewhere between Montreal and here. Yes I could do something else but this is a style of portrait I want to learn so I’m waiting. Hopefully it arrives before Week 15 and I’ll do the shot then.

52 Project – Week 12 – Artistic – Transportation

Week 12 is “Artistic: Transportation”

As promised yesterday when I finally posted Week 11, here is the image for Week 12. Since week 13 starts tomorrow this just about puts me back on schedule.

This week is Artistic Transportation so I kept an eye out for something different and found it when I went sledding with my daughter. We bought a blue sled and spent some time going down a little hill in our garden. She is 3 and I am Irish so neither of us are experienced sledders, small hills suit us just fine. After a while she got bored and started playing with the snow so I took the chance to take some photos of the sled coming down the hill to try and get just the blue sled on the white snow. Took a few attempts pushing it up the hill with one hand and holding the camera in the other to grab the shots as is slid back down. Got this one which matched what I had in mind, plus had the slide marks in the snow to give some context.

52 Project – Week 11 – Landscape – Reflection

Week 11 is “Landscape: Reflection”

This one is very late. I should have posted it before Christmas but with all the holiday commitments, a photoshoot and just being laid back over the holidays I couldn’t find a suitable subject. A couple of months ago I was surrounded by mirror smooth ponds and loads of reflections. Now the ponds are frozen and snow covered and all the glass seems to have a layer of salt.

Last night I went to our local camera club (Camera35) and one of the other members had taken a self portrait at home reflected in a Christmas ornament on his tree. That gave me the idea for this shot. I took a ball from the tree at home and hung it on a tree on a path near work.

I’ve already got the next photo, I was waiting to get this one and post them in the correct order, but I’ll post that tomorrow.

52 Project – Week 10 – Portrait – Environmental

Week 10 is “Portrait: Environmental”

We had our first proper fall of snow this weekend and our dog loved it. I was wondering who I’d take for an environmental portrait and I’m still not 100% certain this really meets the strict criteria since I’m not sure if pet portraits count this is my project and the subjects are meant to inspire not restrict.

He’s a Labrador-Setter mix with long hair so when he plays in the snow he gets covered in snow and ice. Had to give him a hair cut after this since every surface in our house was covered in little puddles of water as the ice fell off when he walked around. He was due a haircut anyway. This is one of the spots he likes to stand or sit on to watch the world go by, it’s up on our deck so it allows him clear lines of sight over the fences. Not sure what he’s looking at here. I only had a few seconds to take this shot before something grabbed his attention and he was off running again.

52 Project – Week 9 – Artistic – Shadows

Week 9 is “Artistic: Shadows”

This week proved a little difficult because I got caught up in my own mind with an image I wanted and unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and provide me with a sunny day that would give me the shadows I wanted. I did take a shot like the one I wanted some weeks ago when the weather and light was perfect but as part of this challenge I want to take the photograph in the week of the challenge and won’t reuse old ones.

So with most of the week gone and I found another inspiration. Star Wars The Last Jedi opens tomorrow night and against the odds I managed to get a ticket for opening night. Decided to take out my daughters 12 inch Darth Vader and shine some lights on him to get a shadow looming over him. Initially I wanted him looking at the camera but I tried a few  from the side and to me the angle produced an effect where Vaders helmet shadow actually looks like Kylo Ren’s helmet, which is quite apt. Now as a Star Wars fan I’m probably a bit biased and reaching a bit but I’ll live with it.

52 Project – Week 8 – Landscape – WideAngle-Panorama

Week 8 is “Landscape: Wide Angle/Panorama”

This weeks assignment (which I would have done last weekend if I wasn’t so busy with other photography sessions) was to take a Landscape panoramic photo. Normally I’d use a DSLR on a tripod, take several photos in portrait and then stitch them together to make a wide landscape. I’ve done it a few times and the results are nice but the process is time consuming. That was one of the reasons I didn’t get out to do it, Christmas photos for friends take priority.

That said there is a nice handy feature in the iPhone camera app, Pano mode. This works very well with a bit of practice. That was what I used to take today’s photo. While walking to work this morning I came across this scene and realized it was just what I wanted for this weeks assignment but I didn’t have time to set up all the gear, the sun moves too fast some times. I took out my iPhone, switched to Pano mode and then dropped the image into Snapseed for a couple of tweaks I’d normally do in Lightroom and then used Gimp2 on a PC to make the last little fix to remove a lens flare. So in summary, a completely different setup to the one I normally use. I liked the result so decided to use it. I’d still like to use my normal setup as much as possible for this 52 project but if it’s a choice between posting no picture or posting a good iPhone image I’m happy to use the iPhone.

This image may not be as wide as other panoramic images I’ve done before but it is still wider than normal and going wider on either side would have brought other elements into the shot that would have ruined the composition.

I have some other Christmas photos to post later this week, but I’ll try to space out my posts a little.