50 With A 50 – Week 34

We took Molly horse riding at the weekend. Just a short ride for charity but I brought my camera with the 50mm lens on it because I guessed there would be lots to take photos of. There was, though mostly I took photos of Molly, she loved riding a unicorn (ok a white horse with a pink horn strapped on but don’t ruin the fantasy). #50WithA50

50 With A 50 – Week 33

I went down to Quidi Vidi this week to take some night time shots. I love Quidi Vidi but I have to say at the moment a lot of it’s quaint beauty is being destroyed by new buildings and a lot of construction. A huge amount of the old village is barricaded off and has been for a long time now. What ever they are building better be worth it and hopefully wont detract from the old world charm of the village or they will find in their rush to exploit the tourism potential of the village they paved over the tourism potential of the village. For now parts of the old village remain and here is a long exposure shot of some of the old buildings for this weeks #50WithA50

50 With A 50 – Week 32

We went downtown for the first in ages to see the Busker Festival. Unfortunately we only got to see one act before the rain arrived and I couldn’t get close enough to that act to use my 50mm lens. I did however take some random shots thinking I’d have time to take more later. The one I wanted to post for this weeks #50WithA50 I cant post because I didnt read the labels on the boxes I was photographing and they are certainly not safe for work. Note to self, pay more attention to the subject next time not just the overall scene 🙂 Anyway as a fall back here is another shot I liked of the clouds reflecting in some windows. Hard to believe that within a short time of this photograph being taken there was torrential monsoon style rain and sinkholes appearing on the streets.

50 With A 50 – Week 31

Today was Regatta Day in St John’s so we headed down to Quidi Vidi to see what was going on. I brought my camera in the hopes of getting some people shots with my 50mm but it turned out to be pretty hard to use a camera with a 5 year old sitting on my shoulders 🙂 Anyway I still managed to get a few shots and here is one of a busker for this weeks #50WithA50

50 With A 50 – Week 30

A bit late but here is Week 30 for my #50WithA50 project. We were away on a short staycation so I took some photos of an old railway bridge that I like. The main photo I planned to take (and did take) was a night time photo but I also went there on a couple of occasions to scout out spots from which to shoot. On one of those scouting trips I grabbed some images with my 50mm lens as well.