After the Protest


I had a busy start to the month with some protests to take photos at and a couple of photoshoots with studio lights that I was trying out. I am also looking at revamping my websites. This blog will probably stay much the same but I’d like to put a proper website to show case my work in front of it. I’ve been trying out a couple of wordpress themes and layouts and I think I’ve settled on one that I like and will use so hopefully I’ll get a new site up at a related url in the next few weeks.

As a result I didnt have much time to work on a post this month but I did find one image that I thought was apt for the month of political protest that has been May. This was taken after a large protest outside Confederation Building. An old man stopped at the wall overlooking the city all on his own to rest and enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes.

Didnt we just leave this party?

newfoundland-protest-1Newfoundland just had it’s first of what are likely to be several austerity budgets and having gone through Irish austerity I have to say this is the austerity budget to beat all austerity budgets. I won’t go into details here because there are just so many things wrong with this budget that I could rant for pages and still not have covered everything. I’ll sum it up by saying if you ever wanted to see a budget that could make you wish for the warm loving embrace of the International Monetary Fund this is it. It’s enough to get Newfoundlanders out to protest in their hundreds and thousands, which for a place where protest attendance is usually numbered in single digits shows that the Liberal government may have overestimated how far they can push the ordinary people.


Ice Fishing


It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t had a chance to take many photos for the blog. Here’s one I took a few weeks ago when the pond was still frozen enough to walk on. Some guy went ice fishing, which is brave for two reasons. One it’s ice fishing and two the pond doesn’t look like one you would want to eat fish from. I didn’t see him catch anything and he didn’t fall through, at least not while I was watching so it probably all worked out for the best in the end.

Pond Hockey



As part of my New Year resolution I’ve been carrying my camera with me everyday so recently during a lunch time snow squall I was lucky enough to grab some shots of a couple of die hard ice hockey fans who had cleared a patch of ice on the pond and started playing. They couldn’t play for long since the snow covered their rink almost as fast as they cleared it but they had a few minutes of fun and I got the photographs I was hoping for.

Sun Pillar



This morning I looked out the window and was greeted by one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen. A sun pillar. This is a shaft of light extending from the sun usually at sunrise or sunset caused when the light reflects off ice crystals in the clouds. This photo is straight from my DSLR with only noise reduction and sharpening. I tweeted a photo from my cell phone as well but that one didn’t do full justice to the image. I had to wait until tonight to load the camera ones onto my computer.