Ice Fishing


It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t had a chance to take many photos for the blog. Here’s one I took a few weeks ago when the pond was still frozen enough to walk on. Some guy went ice fishing, which is brave for two reasons. One it’s ice fishing and two the pond doesn’t look like one you would want to eat fish from. I didn’t see him catch anything and he didn’t fall through, at least not while I was watching so it probably all worked out for the best in the end.

Pond Hockey



As part of my New Year resolution I’ve been carrying my camera with me everyday so recently during a lunch time snow squall I was lucky enough to grab some shots of a couple of die hard ice hockey fans who had cleared a patch of ice on the pond and started playing. They couldn’t play for long since the snow covered their rink almost as fast as they cleared it but they had a few minutes of fun and I got the photographs I was hoping for.

Sun Pillar



This morning I looked out the window and was greeted by one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen. A sun pillar. This is a shaft of light extending from the sun usually at sunrise or sunset caused when the light reflects off ice crystals in the clouds. This photo is straight from my DSLR with only noise reduction and sharpening. I tweeted a photo from my cell phone as well but that one didn’t do full justice to the image. I had to wait until tonight to load the camera ones onto my computer.

First Dusting


The first proper snow of the winter fell last night. It’s just the start and if the forecast is correct it’ll probably be gone by the weekend but it was enough to get me out at lunch time to take some photos around work. The snow isn’t deep but it’s cold, -15 wind chill. As the winter goes on the lake will freeze over, last year people played hockey on it. I’m hoping to get some photos if┬ásomething similar happens this year.

Halloween Pumpkins



We went to Pumpkin Fest a couple of weekends ago. I hoped to get some nice pumpkin photos with Molly but she is in her stubborn toddler phase and the event was too crowded to get clear shots. I did get some nice shots of the pumpkins themselves which were laid out in large blocks for people to select and buy. This one was my favorite from the day. A shallow depth of field but I preferred it to the ones that had more of the pumpkins in focus. With Halloween coming up next weekend I thought it might be nice to darken it a little and post it.