Peoples Photo 2011

I took part in Peoples Photography again this year. It’s always a good weekend to meet other photographers and to see a wide variety of photography. The weather wasn’t the best but sure no one went to the event to get a tan. I was helping to organise the event so I spent quite a bit of time walking around and was walkng past one of the gates when I spotted this shot. All I had was my iPhone but I like the effect.

Great Weekend

Peoples Photography is over for another year and it was a great weekend. I met lots of wonderful people who chatted to me about my photos and some people even liked my photos enough to buy some prints. I will upload low-res versions of the photos later this week for those who couldn’t make it to Dublin over the weekend.

A big thank you to everyone that I met over the weekend and especially thanks to those who helped me before and after the event. I’m already looking forward to and planning things for Peoples Photography 2011.

Peoples Photography 2010, almost there

I’m almost ready for Peoples Photography 2010. Good thing too considering it’s this weekend. The last batch of prints arrived back from the printers today and over the weekend I settled on the technique I will use to hang the photos. I decided to go with a hopefully quicker approach, pre-hanging the mounted photos on black “webbing”. Then I can fold up the display the night before and each morning just unfold it,  hang it on the railings and secure the bottom tightly. I’ve seen similar work well for other exhibitors on other years so fingers crossed it works for me.

Tonight the mounting process starts and while time consuming is at least achievable with effort.  Then I will select the final 20 to display and the backups to keep in the box in case I get bored of what I have on display. Ok, so maybe I’m not as ready as I could have been if I’d started earlier but I’ll get there before Saturday, fingers crossed.

First Prints

I got my first set of prints for Peoples Photography 2010. God I’ve got lots of work to do. I think I selected the incorrect dimensions with the online printer which didnt help the cropping but leaving that aside only one image seemed acceptable straight away. Two or three others are close and the rest are probably beyond any hope of making it into the exhibition.

Peoples Photography 2010

Peoples Photography 2010 is on, 28th/29th of August. I should be taking part again. I’ve got lots of printing to do and as a result of all the business travel I’ve done this year I don’t have enough new photos. I think I’ll have to reuse some from last year to fill out the numbers. Still hopefully it will be a success and even if it’s just a nice weekend sitting in the sun and chatting to people that will make it worth while.

Winter Fence

On Christmas Eve morning around dawn I took a walk out up into farm land near my parents house. This fence separates my parents land from the neighbors land. Concrete posts set up by the Irish Land Commission decades preciously to divide up land between several different families.

I’ve also decided to try and get some photos in 10×8 print format. My photos from the last two Peoples Photography exhibitions were printed in A4 size. I prefer the A4 since it more closely matched what I saw in the viewfinder but it makes it difficult to find suitable frames. For Peoples Photography 2010 I hope to print more black and white in this format.