Quidi Vidi Winter

quidividiWe are having a record breaking amounts of snow for a December and the city has turned into a winter wonderland. It should be a great period for photographs but we’ve actually had so many storms that I haven’t had a chance to go out with my main camera. That said I was out at the Quidi Vidi dog park over the weekend and had my iPhone with me. The lake is frozen over and the whole place was covered in relatively fresh and undisturbed snow. I took a pano with the phone and used snapseed to convert it to black and white.


Christmas Tree

It’s been a while since I posted. Busy few weeks getting stuff done in work and getting ready for Christmas. Still I thought I should post something so here’s a picture from last weekend when we were putting up our Christmas tree. It may be a little blurry but I like it because of the colors, I’m easily pleased sometimes.

We went away to Co. Clare for the weekend and stayed in a hotel which falls into the “modern but trying to appear old” bracket. In one of the alcoves of the bar was a bookshelf stacked with old hardback books no one ever bothers to read. In the bottom corner of the bookshelf was a stack of even older looking, worn and tatty books. These looked far more interesting so I snapped a photo of them. I didnt try to read any of them because the pile looked a little too precarious to be messed with. For all I know they could have been made in China last year, treated to look old and sold in a Hotel Bits and Bobs market but I liked them.

Peoples Photo 2011

I took part in Peoples Photography again this year. It’s always a good weekend to meet other photographers and to see a wide variety of photography. The weather wasn’t the best but sure no one went to the event to get a tan. I was helping to organise the event so I spent quite a bit of time walking around and was walkng past one of the gates when I spotted this shot. All I had was my iPhone but I like the effect.

Lack of inspiration or just busy?

It’s been a quiet few weeks for me on the photography front. I’m not sure if it’s lack of inspiration or if I’ve just been too busy with other stuff. I’m getting married later in the year and the last few weeks have been pretty hectic with planning. Not that I’ve not had time to take some photos but when I get home I’m just not in the mood to put them on the computer and do anything with them. I have a set from Cahir of the castle and River Suir that I took a couple of weekends ago that I havent even looked at yet.

Still I have to do something photographic and having the iPhone helps because I’m able to snap some photos and mess with them without having to open the laptop. This week as part of the wedding planning the ties the bridal party will wear arrived. I’m sure it’s probably not the done thing to post up photos of wedding clothing before the event but the hipstamatic effects distort the true color and appearance of the tie so mean this is more like a teaser rather than a real spoiler.