Successful Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend at Peoples Photography 2009. The reaction to my photographs was very positive and I even managed to sell 10 prints, more than I hoped and many more than I expected for the exhibition. There are good years and bad years at Peoples Photography but for me this was a very good year. Thanks to all those who admired my prints, commented on them, gave advice and especially a big thank you to those who bought them. Seeing people stop and examine the photographs made the work and effort in the previous months well worth it.

The work for next year will start sooner rather than later as I hope to try something different again and will need new photographs in that style. I’ll still post updates and new images here some in the same style as Peoples Photography 2009 and some in new styles as I try to settle on the one I want for 2010.

Peoples Photography 2009

I’m now pretty much ready for Peoples Photography 2009 tomorrow and Sunday. I need to put some photographs in mounts and bags, then pack the whole lot into a box for transport tomorrow. Now the most important thing is the weather and the forecast is a little mixed. Hopefully it will stay dry and we will have a good turn out.

It has been an interesting project just getting ready, selecting photographs, deciding how I wanted to print them and what look I was going for. I decided to go for a monochrome with lots of sepia look. I’m sure many people will hate it but I’m hoping some people will love it. Anyway they are my photos and at the end of the day I did the project for myself.

If you are around St Stephens Green over the weekend call over to slot 70 and say hello.

Charlottetown Redux

Similar to an earlier photograph this photo is also of a dock in Charlottetown Newfoundland. This is the last of the photographs I’ve selected for Peoples Photography 2009 and it made it into the selection because I could not pick between the two. I liked both, one landscape one portrait. One with a closer view of the dock, one with more detail in the clouds and water. Which one I prefer depends on the mood I’m in so in the end I decided to include both. In fact looking at them now I prefer this one.

20 photographs will be displayed at any one time so I have 5 spares in case I sell any and in case I get bored looking at some particular photographs.

Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower stands on Signal Hill above St Johns in Newfoundland. The tower was built in 1897 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s discovery of Newfoundland and later became historic in it’s own right when it was used as a Marconi wireless station. It was on Signal Hill that the first transatlantic signal was received in 1901 and the first wireless transatlantic transmission of a human voice was received here in 1920. The wireless station operated until 1958 and is now part of a Canadian National Historic Park and is still used for transmissions by the local amateur radio society.

Lake House

I’ve mentioned before that Newfoundlanders seem to like building structures in the strangest places. Boat sheds on shaky looking jetties or supports are one thing but would you build your lake front house ¬†as a lake top house? This is a house from Trinity East precariously balanced on the edge of the waterfront. I imagine a some times when the tide is in or there is heavy rain you can fish from your kitchen table. Lovely house, lovely area but just a touch crazy.