Doolin Sunset

I’ve had a slow January photography wise. It was only last weekend that I got to take my camera out and take some shots around town. While importing them into Lightroom last night I came across some photos from a trip to Doolin late last year that I never got around to posting here. I had posted some to Flickr but I’ve several others that I want to post as well so I thought I’d start with taken late on the afternoon by the sea in Doolin. Very cold and windy with some big waves that seemed to attract the spectators more than drive them away.

Above the Sunrise

I normally sleep on early morning flights but was awake this morning and saw a beautiful sunrise from above the red clouds. In a about 2 minutes the clouds went from grey to bright red and back again.

Unfortunately despite my early start this morning I have a touch of insomnia tonight so I’m lying awake posting pictures when I should be fast asleep for tomorrows meetings. I should have stayed away from the espresso after dinner.


This was the view from inside my car this morning before the drive to work. Fortunately we had bought an ice scraper at the weekend so we were on the road in a short amount of time. Winter is certainly here now.

Winter Fence

On Christmas Eve morning around dawn I took a walk out up into farm land near my parents house. This fence separates my parents land from the neighbors land. Concrete posts set up by the Irish Land Commission decades preciously to divide up land between several different families.

I’ve also decided to try and get some photos in 10×8 print format. My photos from the last two Peoples Photography exhibitions were printed in A4 size. I prefer the A4 since it more closely matched what I saw in the viewfinder but it makes it difficult to find suitable frames. For Peoples Photography 2010 I hope to print more black and white in this format.

Winter Wonderland

We finally had a decent fall of snow in Ireland. We never get snow, not real snow. A light dusting of snow leads to a national crisis. A single snow flake can cause traffic jams stretching from Dublin to Cork.

That changed this year just before Christmas when Christmas Eve brought a winter wonderland to the hills above my home town of Clonmel. Great timing as well as I had just arrived home the night before. It may have brought travel chaos this Christmas but it was beautiful.