Email Address Misused

It appears someone has taken one of the email addresses linked to this blog and pasted into the from/reply-to field of an auto emailer sending spam from This is not me and has nothing to do with this blog.

I’m being flooded with message send failures so it’s becoming such a nuisance I’ll have to disable that email address until it gets sorted out.

My apologies if spam brought you here, please don’t blame me, I’m more annoyed and angry about it than you are.

Blog accident

These rocks are a nesting ground for seagulls and sometimes they stay still long enough to appear in long exposure shots, sometimes but not often.

I’ll use this new post as an opportunity to explain a bit of a accident I had with the blog this morning. In a tired haze I decided to tidy up some old wordpress installations without realising that all the posts since August 2010 still pointed to files under those folders. I’ve spent most of the day tidying up the mess and I’ve got most of them reposted now from my Lightroom catalogs. One or two big months to go and all the photos should be back.

Update: All back I think. Might have gotten a few pics wrong but they are 3 years old so I had a hard time remembering exactly which ones they were.

Blog Update

I had to update my wordpress installation and database so I took the opportunity to also update the blog appearance theme. I got a bit bored of the black one which had served me well for years and I found the Rustic theme online. I tweaked it to use picture of my brownie camera instead of the original trees, darkened the background a bit and updated some of the php so the archives would display full posts with images. Hopefully I havent broken anything but if I have please let me know.