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52 Project – Week 4 – Portrait – Headshot

Week 4 is “Portrait: Headshot”

We are back to the Portrait topic. This week it’s to take a headshot of someone else. This is John my sister-in-laws partner. I had to take a headshot and he needed a headshot so it was good timing. He also wanted one to match the one I took of myself so it was a good chance to make sure the first photo wasn’t a fluke and I could reproduce the look pretty much on demand. Some things changes though.

First it was night so the light coming in the windows make the background just that little bit darker, more black than very dark blue. Secondly John is a couple of inches taller than me, and that told with the height of my camera tripod. So sitting in my swivel stool I was able to look up just slightly at the camera and John was looking straight on. I’ll add a stool that swivels but also can move up and down to my studio wish list.

I’m actually quite happy with the Canon 50mm on my Canon 60D for portraits. It’s sharp and on the crop sensor camera it works out to be an 80mm which is close to the popular 85mm for portraits. I have an order in for some bits I want for Christmas photoshoots, hopefully it arrives next week so I can play and plan.

Separate to this project, it’s been a busy few weeks taking photos. I got back to the spot in Pippy Park where I took the landscape a couple of weeks ago and the scene was even better. The fall colours have lasted a lot longer than I expected and improved every day. I’ll have to start posting non 52 challenge posts to this blog and add a gallery to my related website to show some of those shots as well.

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