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52 Project – Week 3 – Red

Week 3 is “Artistic: Red”

The three headline topics in the Dogwood Photography 52 project, and one of the reasons I picked it, are Portraits, Landscapes and Artistic. Week 3 brings me to the first of the Artistic shots. Artistic probably isn’t a genre I’m used to. I’m more used to documentary than artistic. Back in Dublin I loved nothing more than going to events, protests, parades or whatever was going on in the city and taking photos there. I even had some of my austerity protest march photos published. Same for my landscapes. My artistic photos not so much.

This category is probably going to take a bit more work to find inspiration every week. That said it’ll probably be easier to get subjects than for the portrait topic (I need to take a head shot portrait of someone else next week so I have to go look for a volunteer patient enough to sit for me).

For this weeks topic, Red, I walked around until I came across a red basketball court and thought there has to be something here I can shoot. The court has seen better days, they keep it painted but the concrete is getting weather beaten in the Newfoundland winters and is far past smooth, or even level in some parts. It is surrounded by trees and being autumn a fair amount of the leaves from those trees are now on the court. I found this spot with one old leaf on it’s own and made it the subject of my shot this week.

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