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50 With A 50 – Week 41

More autumnal photos. The light and the colours are amazing this time of year. This photo almost didnt happen. In fact my whole #50WithA50 almost came to a crashing halt when I dropped my camera at our local camera club meeting. Foolish and entirely my own fault. I had my camera on a desk and must have been playing with the strap during presentations without realizing what I was doing. I stood up as one point to point out something in a photo and I sent my camera crashing to the ground. The camera was fine but the 50mm lens popped apart. The entire front element and barrel just popped out. I had seen it happen before so I knew that there was a chance I could put it back together again. With a few minutes of fiddling and a push the lens went back together. Even autofocus works. I got lucky, very lucky. I dont think I could have done that with any other lens but the 50mm 1.8. It is cheap and plastic and far from precision manufacturing but it can take a beating.