50 With A 50 – Week 32

We went downtown for the first in ages to see the Busker Festival. Unfortunately we only got to see one act before the rain arrived and I couldn’t get close enough to that act to use my 50mm lens. I did however take some random shots thinking I’d have time to take more later. The one I wanted to post for this weeks #50WithA50 I cant post because I didnt read the labels on the boxes I was photographing and they are certainly not safe for work. Note to self, pay more attention to the subject next time not just the overall scene 🙂 Anyway as a fall back here is another shot I liked of the clouds reflecting in some windows. Hard to believe that within a short time of this photograph being taken there was torrential monsoon style rain and sinkholes appearing on the streets.

50 With A 50 – Week 31

Today was Regatta Day in St John’s so we headed down to Quidi Vidi to see what was going on. I brought my camera in the hopes of getting some people shots with my 50mm but it turned out to be pretty hard to use a camera with a 5 year old sitting on my shoulders 🙂 Anyway I still managed to get a few shots and here is one of a busker for this weeks #50WithA50

Rock Of Cashel


We were back home in Ireland for the first time in almost 3 years to show off Molly to our friends and family. It’s been way too long but it was great to meet up with so many people. Molly had a great time, she’s a city girl but loved being out in the countryside and for some reason she especially loved cows. My mothers family comes from Cashel so we went over there for a visit. On the road back into town there was a great view of The Rock of Cashel so of course we had to stop to take some photos.

Kerry Tulip

A tulip from Kenmare in Co Kerry. Taken originally on my Canon 40D with a 24-70 L lens. Since I didn’t have my laptop with me I just backed the photos up onto my iPad and later started messing with it in snapseed as an experiment. I liked the result, I still prefer using a proper computer but maybe the iPad is a useful alternative when the laptop is too much hassle to carry around.