Newfoundland Nets

It has been a busy few weeks since I got back from Newfoundland but I’ve finally managed to go through the last of the photos from the vacation and especially the ones from Trinity. I love that little town, have to go back there again next year. This photo of some fishing nets left on the dock of an old abandoned shipyard. Trinity proper is almost a little too perfect, all nicely preserved for the tourism market so it was nice to find this shipyard and take some photos there.

Italian Snow

For the last 6 months I’ve been back and forth to Italy with work. Terrible how real life gets in the way of hobbies isn’t it. You might think that Italy would be a great place to take photos but I don’t get much time to go out. The hotel is a little away from town and it’s usually dark by the time we finish work and leave the office. Still last week I woke to a very unusual winter wonderland. It shouldn’t be snowing this much this time of year but one morning the whole area was blanketed over night. It didn’t last long but it was pretty while it did.

Bus delays reach new low point

A girl got on the bus this morning carrying her model of a human skeleton and put it down on the seat beside herself. Considering how bad the traffic has been lately it seemed apt to have skeletons in seats. I couldn’t resist taking a few shots with my iPhone.

I wish the iPhone had a better camera but it does allow me to do a limited amount of editing via a downloaded application and to write a blog post without a computer.

New Website

When I first put up this website and blog it was as part of my entry into last years Peoples Photography exhibition in Dublin. It was a quick last minute effort I never thought it looked nice.

I’ve decided it’s time to update the site, put up some new photos and try to link this blog into the website in a more efficient manner. It’s a work in progress but hopefully it’ll get better.