Port Blandford

PortBlandfordDockPano-1It’s been a busy couple of weeks here again with work, processing the photographs from Carla and Brian’s wedding and training our dog but we managed to get away for a few days our to our favourite weekend break spot, Port Blandford. We try to get out there every year and try to stay in the same cabins. Usually it’s used as a base for visiting other town and communities in the area such as Trinity but this year we had very bad weather so I spent some time in Port Blandford itself taking photographs. This photo was taken from a metal rural bridge that I’ll try to post a picture of later.

Cape Spear Fog

CapeSpearFog-1I finally got out for a few hours to take photos at the weekend. We had a beautiful sunny weekend in St John’s so yesterday we decided to take a sunny Sunday drive out to Cape Spear to take some photos. Cape Spear is the most easterly point of North America and just about 15km from St John’s. It might as well have been 1500 km as we drove from sun into a fog bank perched over Cape Spear. When we parked in the the car park we couldn’t even see the lighthouse itself. It’s amazing how two extremes of weather can be so close to each other. Still I got out and made the best of it to get some photos of the lighthouse in the fog.



nicolas-1-2It’s been a busy few weeks here with work and house hunting so I haven’t had a chance to get out taking photos. Still I’ve tried a few times to get my underused flash out and practice using it so here is a non landscape photo. This is a photo I took of one of my nephews, Nicolas. He’s a hard one to photograph since, like any toddler, he never stays still. I’m pleased with this one though. We had to follow him around the room trying to get his attention and then he finally took notice of the camera. He paused for a second and I got the shot. Unfortunately he then became fascinated with the lens and trying to get it off the camera, I guess maybe he’ll grow up to be a gadget nut 🙂



flatrockpano1c-1We went for a couple of drives this weekend to the small communities close to St John’s. They aren’t that far from the city at all, in fact in Dublin they would be called commuter towns but they are very different from the city itself. This is Flatrock, a town just past Torbay.

I’m still in panoramic mood, especially with the snow on the ground. I figure I’ll keep trying to get panos around the area until the snow goes and then I’ll switch to something different for a while.

Cliffs of Moher

Another photo from our trip to the west last year, the Cliffs of Moher. At first the weather was so bad it was hard to get any photos but after a bit of time in the visitor center and a late lunch the rain had cleared and we were able to see the cliffs.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll have some new photos to post, it’s St Patricks Day after all. Plus we’re hoping to do a trip to Kerry soon, at this stage I’m pretty tired of taking photos around Dublin.