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50 With A 50 – Week 25

Week 25! Half way through my #50WithA50 project. I probably should have picked some grand subject for this milestone but it’s summer time and there is a tree in my neighbourhood with cherry blossoms on it and it probably wont be in bloom next week so it was this week or never. I love cherry blossoms, one of the things I miss from Dublin is the blanket of cherry blossoms that used to be in some areas. There aren’t that many cherry blossom trees here, I really should get a couple for our garden. Though 5 winters killed 2 of the 4 regular trees that were at the side of our house. Another winter will probably finish off the other 2 trees so I’m not sure how cherry blossoms would survive. I would have to plant them inside the fence and away from the road and the mountains of snow pushed up by the plow.

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