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50 With A 50 – Week 24

We had some beautiful yellow tulips in our garden, surrounded by their less beautiful but still yellow dandelion cousins. Unfortunately one evening our daughter was out playing with her friends and they picked some yellow flowers. I assumed they were picking some of the hundreds of dandelions but instead they decided to pick half the tulips. I was a little annoyed but I couldn’t be angry, technically we didn’t tell them not to pick the tulips and I should probably have clarified the situation when I heard they were picking “yellow flowers”. This is one of those poor tulips and it fell apart so was abandoned by the kids. Next morning it was covered in rain drops and with the bright sun shining on it I took a few close up shots and a couple with the 50mm lens for my #50WithA50 project. I liked this one, it almost looks like a weird bee or another yellow insect.

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