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52 Project – Week 13 – Portrait – High Key

Week 13 is “Portrait: High Key”

Finally got the gear I needed to do Week 13. The theme this week is high key portrait which means taking a portrait with a blown out all white backround. I also prefer the black and white versions of high key so that’s what I went with. After experimenting to perfect my setup the night before I got Molly to stand for a few shots last night. She just turned 4 so this is also her 4 year birthday portrait. She’s getting good at following instruction, though she’s 4 so time is limited so I have to get everything in about a minute before she gets annoyed at me.

To do this properly you almost need a full photography studio with 3 or 4 lights, a white wall, flags and reflectors. On the other end of the spectrum I’m sure I could have used photoshop and a large window but I wanted to learn so I went for an in between option . Bought some new flash gear (hence the delay) including another speedlite to replace one of my older ones, stands and a reflector holder. I used two lights. One behind in a softbox and my large reflector in diffusion mode to increase the backdrop even more. In front of her I have  a second speedlite in on a stand with an umbrella. Both were triggered by radio triggers.

I’m glad I waited for this, I got a shot I liked and I learned a lot.

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