50 With A 50 – Week 1

So last year I tried to do a 52 project following a list of subjects for each week. I failed, miserably. I made it to Week 19 and then stopped. There were multiple reasons for this. I’d missed some weeks and once you miss a week on one of these challenges it’s kind of already failed. I also began to find the topics too distracting. I wasn’t enjoying the challenge, I was taking other photos but because I needed a photo to meet a certain criteria I found myself getting annoyed that I had to go out and stage some photos when I already had others that were better. That’s not a criticism of the challenge I was doing, it just ended up not being a good fit for what I wanted which was to get back to enjoying photography.

Roll on 2019, new year and the logical point to start another challenge. I debated if I wanted to try again and I looked at this years 52 challenge list and I realised that I’d just fall into the same trap. That said I still wanted to do a challenge, just to keep myself taking photos in the lull after the rush of Christmas mini-sessions. So I’ve decided to do what I’m calling a 50 With a 50 Challenge.

Now I cant claim to have come up with the name but it doesnt seem popular and people have done different things with it but basically for me there are just one simple rule: over 2019 post 50 photos taken with that 50mm lens.

That’s it. One photo a week taken with a 50mm lens, I’m using my Canon 50mm 1.8 (the “nifty fifty” that many if not most photographers have). 50 photos in a year also gives me 2 spare weeks so if things go wrong missing a week wont ruin the challenge.

My first image is above. Simple photo of some seed cones hanging on a tree branch that I took while walking at lunch. It shows off the bokeh that the 50mm is capable of at it’s maximum aperture of 1.8mm.