Snow-1Newfoundland got hit hard over the last couple of days by a blizzard. The whole of Canada has been hit by arctic air and temperatures. To add to our problems the power went out to the whole island, it was already on rolling blackouts before the storm.

Before digging out my own driveway I went for a walk to see what others in the area were up to and grabbed a few shots, though taking my 60D out in snow storm is not a good idea so I didn’t stay out long.



I haven’t seen snow in years. Today we finally got some. It didn’t stay on the ground long but I was able to grab a couple of quick shots on the way home tonight. Shame I didn’t have a tripod but at least I have something to remember the “Great Blizzard of 2009”. At least it was a great blizzard if the Irish radio stations were anything to go by tonight.