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50 With A 50 – Week 50

I was trying to decide how to finish my #50WithA50 project so I decided I would take and post a photo on the last day of 2019. The subject was a little more in doubt. I couldn’t decide how to end the project. Should I take a family photo, a self-portrait, a photo of snow. None of them appealed to me as the right way to end. Then I remembered, I have a older broken 50mm lens. It seems only right to end my 50 with a 50mm lens project by taking a photo of a 50mm lens. Not the one I have been using all along but pretty much the same.

I’m glad I did this project. It got me out taking a lot more photos and even though some weeks were a struggle to find something to take a shot of being forced to go out helped inspire me. Also the limitations of only using one lens help me appreciate the other lenses I have when I use them. I’ll have to find a new project for 2020. I’m thinking of doing more printing so maybe I’ll aim to take and print one photo a month for the year. But that’s for next year. In the meantime Happy New Year everyone and see you in 2020.