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50 With A 50 – Week 39

I went for another walk at lunch and instead of going right as usual I went left. A few meters down the path I heard a crazy chirping noise and realized it was the sound of a pissed off squirrel. Took me a couple of minutes to actually find him as he kept moving but when I eventually did find him he was none too pleased. At one stage he actually started hopping down the tree towards me as I shot up leaning against the tree. I did have an image in my mind of a crazy flying squirrel lunging down at the lens for this weeks #50WithA50 but it didn’t come to pass. Probably for the best really, I was bitten by a squirrel once when I was a kid and while it didn’t hurt I don’t want to be the guy who has been bitten twice by squirrels. That just seems weird.

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