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50 With A 50 – Week 12

One of the best things you can do to keep learning in photography is join a local camera club. I’m a member of Camera35 here in St John’s and there is always new stuff to learn and talk about at the regular meetings. One of the other things they do is organize monthly photo outings and unfortunately I rarely get to go to those, weekends are always busy. However this weekend they organized a photo scavenger hunt on a Sunday afternoon and I was free. It was fun, especially since I took along more lenses than just my 50mm and tried to use each lens depending on what the topic was. Some were wide angle, some were zoomed in and some were shallow depth of field. For example this topic was “Starts with the letter M” so I found a red “Muster Station” sign and used a shallow depth of field (f2.2) to focus on the M. I went a touch too shallow since all of the M isn’t in focus but it still my favourite of the images I took with the 50mm last week so I thought I’d post it as this weeks post in my #50WithA50 challenge.

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