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52 Project – Week 1 – I’m back

Over the last year I’ve been busy with other stuff and while I was still out and about taking photos I stopped updating my blog. I had decided I wanted to only publish the best photos I could but that I wouldn’t publish photos I took of people for photoshoots etc. Unfortunately those rules plus my full time job and other commitments meant I didnt have time to work on personal photos that I could post here. Not good. I’m going to loosen those rules and post.

To get myself back in the habit of regular posting I’m going to start a 52 Project. One photo a week for a year. Not only will this get me back in the habit of posting but hopefully it’ll give me a chance to practice my skills and take me out of my comfort zone. After reading a few lists I found that the 2016 challenge list from Dogwood Photography was the closest to what I wanted to do.

Week 1 is “Portrait: Self Portrait”

This assignment gave me the opportunity to get out my flash gear. One speedlite with a soft box and the camera on a tripod. I was sitting on a bar stool about 5 feet from the (wall which was a medium to dark blue). The light was on the right and slightly above pointing down. It was also pretty close, I wanted to throw all the light on my face and darken the wall behind. Used a Canon 50 1.8 II on a Canon 60D. ISO 100, 1/200 sec at f/3.5. This is pretty much straight from the camera, just used Lightroom to keyword, add a watermark and export at a smaller size.

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