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St John’s Row Houses

A few weeks ago on a beautiful sunny day I walked around downtown St John’s taking photographs of the iconic row houses. Of the hundreds of shots I “narrowed” it down to 30 favourites, but even then lets be honest no one wants to sit through 30 images of houses in a slideshow. Therefore I decided to play around a little and using the print module in Lightroom came up with an image that shows just a sample of the photos from that day.  I might throw up another couple of images like this one or I might upload all the images into a slideshow anyway, but for now here are the St John’s Row Houses.

2 thoughts on “St John’s Row Houses

  1. I was just surfing the web for pictures of various areas to find that I have never been to and typed in new foundland and found your site. I like the angle you chose depicting the row of houses directing the viewer’s eye down to St. John’s Harbour and the power lines contribute to the scene by connecting both sides of the street and leading the viewer back to the row of houses. From what I have observed St. John’s seems to be a very colorful and historic city and I definitely would like to visit someday. Very nice picture where all visual elements were well thought out. I noticed the absence of people in the picture and I wonder how that was accomplished.

  2. Hi Dana, thanks for the feedback. St John’s is a beautiful city and very colorful especially in the Summer sun.

    The people being missing from these shots is a simple case of shooting on a hot summers afternoon when I was lucky enough to have quiet streets. I just had to wait for the moment when there was no one in the shot. Sometimes there was a split second watching nearby traffic lights and trying to grab a shot in the couple of seconds between when the flow of traffic from one direction had passed and the traffic coming the other way hadn’t arrived yet. It took a whole afternoon of walking and waiting but I was lucky to get some empty shots.

    That said on other occasions I have used a long exposure filter to remove people. I have an ND110 filter which stops the light right down and allows me to shoot exposures of a few minutes in daylight. When shooting a public space people move so fast even at walking pace that they fade out of the shot. Only people sitting down or who stop and stand show up in the shot. It’s a fun tool.

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