Johnson Court Christmas

Johnson Court is a small cute little laneway running between Grafton Street and Clarendon Street. It has a small church and little shops but in recent years the shops have started to go down hill as rents increase and consumer spending falls. The lane is at it’s prettiest around Christmas when the ┬ácouncil string lights the length of the lane creating a roof of stars. Grafton St may attract all the praise for their holiday lights but the simple lights on Johnson Court are ┬áthe real gem.

Green Bench

This is a bench beside the lake in St Stephens Green. I love the Green. It’s a lovely old park in the center of Dublin city. Usually it is very busy but there can be some nice quiet moments and places inside. It’s a shame that soon it will be a building site with a new train station being constructed under the park.

This bench is beside one of the entrances yet it always has people sitting on it enjoying a moment in the sun. In this photo some guy was sitting on the bench on a quiet afternoon with Winter sun reflecting off the lake.