Protest Photography

Anyone who know me knows I like to go into the city center and photograph protest marches. They provide a good opportunity to watch the pro photo journalists in action and to practice people photography. Some days though I end up taking far more photos than I should or than I will ever manage to sort through and use.

Todays protest in Dublin was against the public service pension levy and other government cut backs. The unions were out in force and rather than the standard collection of Socialists and anarchists today we had tens of thousands of civil servants, nurses, journalists, construction workers, and on and on and on. It seemed everyone with a union card was on the streets.

Of course I got carried away with my camera and when I sat down hours later to look at my photos I found I had taken 1011 photos. 1011 photos! I’m actually annoyed at myself.

In comparison I’m reminded of Robert Capa who landed on the Normandy beaches and took 72 shots with two cameras. Now I realize it was a different time and he was infinately better at photography than I will ever be but surely 900 of todays photos would not exist if I had stopped, taken a breath and considered the value of the shot rather than letting the ease of digital photography lull me into just holding down the shutter button.

Capa Book

Not a very romantic book for Valentines day but I just bought a book I’ve wanted for ages, Robert Capa The Definitive Collection by Richard Whelan. It’s a massive book packed with the best photos by the greatest war photographer. Looking forward to reading it, though I suspect that will have to be tomorrow.

Valentines on the Luas

Happy Valentines Day.

(Update – I’ve had a bit of a backup failure on my blog and deleted some folders without realising that I had not backed up the files and they were still being used. This means I lost photos from September 2010 back to 2008. Whoops!!! Anyway I managed to restore most of the photos from my library but in this case I couldnt locate the luas photo which I fear only ever lived on my phone and blog and had been deleted from both. Still here are some roses in a photo taken that day as a replacement)


I haven’t seen snow in years. Today we finally got some. It didn’t stay on the ground long but I was able to grab a couple of quick shots on the way home tonight. Shame I didn’t have a tripod but at least I have something to remember the “Great Blizzard of 2009”. At least it was a great blizzard if the Irish radio stations were anything to go by tonight.

Liffey Gulls

Some days it can be difficult to take photos. No matter what I try to photograph I never manage to get an image that is up to scratch. A couple of hours of trying and just when I give up I stumble across something good.  Last Saturday I was heading to the North Side to meet some friends after a day in town with my camera when I decided to walk down the boardwalk and noticed a man feeding birds. The seagulls seemed to queue up on the banister waiting for a chance to swoop in and grab some bread. My Sigma 18-200 lens may not be the best in the world at taking bird photographs but I think I managed to get an acceptable shot.